Is employee engagement, satisfaction and work-life balance low around the office? Not sure how to improve company culture?

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As a workplace wellness coach I want to help create your ideal workplace culture by decreasing absenteeism and stress, and increasing productivity and wellbeing.  Let's start today to create a unique plan for your company!

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Feedback from the work-life balance challenge:

"When I started with Tasha, I was at a point where everything was a 'some day' idea. After working with her I am now at the stage of turning 'some day' into today. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but with Tasha's help I find I have been able to stay on track. Sometimes all you need is someone to bounce your thoughts off of and give you sound advice. Thank you Tasha for giving me an ear to listen and a kick in the pants when I've needed it!"
~ Mags K

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