How do you address all employees' workplace wellness needs?

Completing workplace wellness employee surveys is a great way to gain insight and plan the strategies that you want to implement at your business. You have this great report from the survey and are ready to implement an awesome employee engagement and wellness plan as soon as you get the feedback. 

But what happens when you get contradictory information from employees? 

Some employees just want to work and do their own thing, whereas others want more team engagement. Some might want to be acknowledged every time they complete a big project, others would rather just do their work and be quietely acknowledged a few times a year, if at all. 

So how do you make sure that you're providing the best for everyone?

Here are a few suggestions: 

Don't assume one strategy will work for everyone. 
Maybe a few different approaches are necessary. Having different strategies working alongside each other will ensure that you are making the biggest impact. 

Be adaptable. 
Ok, so your great idea fell flat. Try again, and adapt. Not every thing we do is a perfect 10 every time.  Try something new, get staff involved in the planning, look to other companies. You'll figure out what works for your team. 

Don't make it mandatory. 
If its not related directly to the job, try not to make it mandatory. Not everyone is going to want to do yoga on their lunch with their co-workers, just like not everyone is going to want to take their weekend to do some charity work together. 

Keep asking. 
If it doesn't seem to be working, ask again. Do a follow-up survey. You might not be able to make everyone happy and that's ok. But as long as you are open to feedback and trying to create a great place to work you're on the right track. You'll get there!