Coaching is more than just good business.

Think back to some big life moments that you've gone through. These moments could include starting your first job, getting married, having a baby, buying a house, moving cities, or changing jobs. During all these moments we usually have other things that we are trying to balance all at the same time. Does that seem to fit with some of your experiences? Likely. 

Sometimes these moments can be so stressful that we wish we had someone else to strategize with, someone to help us cope with the stress and anxiety, or someone who can look at a situation objectively and help navigate through what can feel overwhelming on our own.

Sounds familiar? Probably. 

Now imagine you had someone who was there just for you to get through these events with and remember a happy moment. Not look back and remember all the stress that went along with it. But being able to focus on what is important, not focus on the worry that occupies our mind even if we will it away. Being able to get through this amazing life event and not feel that you've let your work slip because you're so focused on something else (because this can make you feel even crappier in the moment and later). 

Imagine being able to feel present in the moments and enjoy them, not have it be something that you're glad is over. (How many people have you heard say or you’ve said yourself about some amazing life event: “wow, what a whirl wind; I’m glad its over”).

Coaching in the workplace is so important for more than just meeting deadlines and generating revenue. Coaching can help create a workplace culture that acknowledges that actual humans work at your company. With real emotions. And sometimes those real humans with real emotions need a little extra support to get through life’s challenges. It’s about letting the real humans know that you’ve got their back.

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