How to create healthy boundaries

Recently I wrote a guest blog for The Confident Mother about creating healthy boundaries for work. Here is a short excerpt:

“Creating healthy boundaries is an important part of achieving work-life balance. And before you assume I’m talking about some unattainable version of work-life balance, lets just take a second to examine it. 

Work-life balance is not about spending 50% of your time at work, and the other 50% at home with your family. Balance is about splitting your time between things that are important to you in a way that makes sense to you and makes you happy. 

Balance is knowing things are not going to be perfect and that each day will be different, but also knowing that you’re rocking it no matter what is going on. 

Boundaries help keep your own unique version of balance in check. They remind you of what you’ve prioritised and keep you feeling good about the decisions you make”.

You can read the full post HERE.