Learn to rethink Work-Life Balance in a 5 Day Challenge!

This is 5 days of challenges and community designed to help you refocus and rethink about how your priorities and organize your life.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with how much you have going on at home and at work?

  • Maybe you think you just need to be more organized?

  • Do you think work-life balance is some sort of myth that just isn't attainable?

  • Are you fed up feeling like you have no control in your life?

How this Work-Life Challenge will help you:

I will guide you through several activities to move beyond the idea that work-life balance is something to be achieved, but rather a way to prioritize areas of your life.
I’ll be in the group live every day to answer questions about the daily tasks.  
Use the group to get feedback and connect with others who might be feeling similar about work stress, family stress and finding balance!
This is open to everyone, so invite others to join as well!

It’s easy to take part!

The challenge takes place in a private Facebook group.
Each day a new video or worksheet is loaded into the group with the daily task.
I will be in the group each day to answer any questions you may have.
Remember - everyone else in the group is looking to find more balance in their life too, so it’s a great chance to network!