Workplace Wellness Coaching & Consulting

Are you an HR professional responsible for supporting workplace wellness and the development of the company culture of a growing business?

Do you feel that you barely have enough time to do your own job, let alone add on this additional component?

Is employee disengagement, employee job dissatisfaction, turnover and overall unhappiness around the workplace on this rise?

Would you like to increase employee engagement, employee job satisfaction, improve retention and have a more cohesive workplace and positive company culture?

If you know your business could use some more fun, positivity and workplace wellness, then I can help!

By combining coaching, workshops, and surveys I help busy HR professionals dig deep into their company culture and overcome the issues that are causing employee disengagement and dissatisfaction and costing the company money.

I love supporting people to create amazing places to work, where employees can truly thrive.

Don’t wait for the things to get worse or for people to quit before you make a change.

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Workplace coaching programs have proven to have the following results: 

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved employee retention

  • Improved employee job satisfaction

  • Increased morale and workplace culture

  • Reduced absenteeism


Workplace Wellness Coaching Services

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Customize Your Package

Create a workplace wellness package that meets the needs of your business. Choose from a variety of workshops and webinars, an employee engagement survey, one-to-one or group coaching, wellness events and wellness committee support. I am able to tailor my services to provide you with exactly what you need to meet your company goals.

Workshops & Webinars

A few examples of the workshops I provide:

  • Finding your Work-Life Balance

  • How to take charge of your professional development: Create a goal and a plan to achieve your professional dreams

  • Creating work-life balance in a social (media) world

  • Creating a positive workplace culture

  • Creating a workplace culture of fun

  • Supporting a learning culture at work

  • Communication styles in a work environment

  • The Millennial Difference: Examination of intergenerational differences and commonalities in the workplace

Coaching Services

Providing coaching to your employees will provide them individual support to reach their potential within your growing organization.  

Individual coaching: I can support an individual in improving workplace satisfaction, achieving professional or personal goals, and provide them with skills that will last beyond their coaching sessions. 

Executive coaching: Identify high performing employees and help them reach their potential. I will work with them to identify clear goals, get rid of the noise and help them achieve more, faster. This is ideal for staff moving into a management role.

Group coaching: As a group your employees will overcome shared challenges. Working together as a team to achieve a common goal can create a strong team bond, improve communication and increase leadership skills. 

Mastermind Program: This is a 12 week coaching program that supports individuals in developing their leadership, management, and communication skills. Together we look at common areas of stress and conflict, and address the communication, mindset, and processes that are contributing to workplace obstacles. Employees will work alongside other people in similar positions to learn and support each other.

Workplace Wellness Employee Survey

Ensure that your investments are being focused on the right areas for your company. By completing a workplace wellness employee survey, you know that the plan I create for your company is tailored to your company's specific goals. 

A workplace wellness employee survey can identify: 

  • Areas of potential growth

  • Ways to increase support to employees

  • Employee interests & engagement

  • Current company culture

Wellness Services

My wellness services focus on creating a company culture of health and wellness. This is a great option to support an already thriving organization and to ensure your employees have access to important health resources.  Types of wellness services include wellness committee support, strategic wellness planning, workshops, and wellness events.

Additional services are tailored to meet your needs.

As a workplace wellness coach I can help your employees: 

  • Improve their time management and productivity: We would work together to determine what your employee needs to stay focused on doing their best work.

  • Achieve their goals: I can help sort out what is most important and work towards achieving those goals with a solid plan of action.

  • Identify and manage sources of stress: Reducing stress means less sick days and a more positive work environment for everyone.

  • Identify hidden skills and areas for improvement: I can be clear and cut through the noise to see what needs to be addressed and where your employees can really shine.

  • Thrive during life transitions: With a lot on their plates, people can often can use extra support when coming back to work, caring for a family member, or coping with whatever life throws at them.

  • Improve work-life balance: Balance is important for employees to be productive and satisfied with the work they are doing.

If you are looking to create a company culture of success and wellness I can help. I will create customized action plan tailored to meet your company goals.

Send me a message to set up a time to chat.