"Tasha is helpful, encouraging, easy to talk to, and very supportive. She is very knowledgeable, brings real-life job search experience, and supports clients while focusing on their own unique goals and challenges.”
~ Ali K

Coaching Services  

Workplace coaching can help support individuals increase their job satisfaction, engagement, and work-life balance. If you are transitioning into a job, looking for a job, or creating your career goals I can support you achieve your best outcomes sooner.

Rethink Work-Life Balance (Online)

This 4-week online program is designed to help you refocus and rethink your priorities and how that is contributing to your overall wellbeing and balance.

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One-on-one Coaching

There are a lot of factors that impact our job satisfaction, job stress and work-life balance. One-on-one coaching is for someone who wants to increase their job satisfaction in their current job, is looking to figure out if they want to move in to a new job, or looking to create more work-life balance.  I can support you in examining your options and discovering what you want to do next. I can coach you to reach your goals; whether they are focused on defining your career path, increasing your job satisfaction or creating overall happiness in your life.  

Examples of people who can benefit from coaching:

  • New employees who recently graduated and are adjusting to the new life of having a full-time job 

  • A parent returning back to work after a new child and the changing expectations of being a working parent 

  • Someone who is feeling the pressure of expectations that are not their own

  • An employee who didn't get a promotion and may require some confidence-building to continue to strive for future opportunities 

  • Someone who works in a negative working environment and want to make a change

  • A manager who has been promoted from within the company, and is now experiencing changing relationships among peers

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Workshops & Webinars

Interested in finding a public workshop or webinar to attend? Sign up for my newsletter to find out upcoming dates. Some topics I cover include:

  • Finding your Work-Life Balance

  • How to take charge of your professional development: Create a goal and a plan to achieve your professional dreams

  • Creating work-life balance in a social (media) world

  • Creating a positive workplace culture

  • Creating a workplace culture of fun

  • Supporting a learning culture at work

  • Communication styles in a work environment

  • The Millennial Difference: Examination of intergenerational differences and commonalities in the workplace