How to Overcome Perfectionism and Find Work-Life Balance


During this is 6-week program, you will focus on defining the priorities in your life and learn how to create your own version of work-life balance. We will talk about:

  • Striving for excellence, not perfectionism, 

  • How to be in the moment at work and at home,

  • How to limit time wasters and energy drainers, and 

  • How to change the structure of your life to meet your own expectations and stop worrying about the expectations of others.

After the 6 weeks you will be able to: 

  • Create your own definition of work-life balance,  

  • Focus on the things you prioritize in your life, and 

  • Feel energized knowing you are in control of your life and how you spend your time. 

Because this is being run as a BETA program it is being offered for an exceptionally low price, and will never be this low again!

This program includes:

  • 6-weeks of tasks & support

  • Video content

  • Live zoom question and answer group calls

  • 1 - 30-minute individual call

  • The support of a group of individuals all searching for their own version of work-life balance and their own strategies, all hosted within a private Facebook group.

  • You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the group and the program.  As it improves and it runs again you will have access to the improved versions.

BETA Price: $49.00, plus tax. 

Program Dates: Monday June 10 2019 - Friday July 19 2019

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