ReThink Work-Life Balance

Challenge the way you think about work-life balance in a 4-week online program!

This 4-week online program is designed to help you refocus and rethink your priorities and how that is contributing to your overall wellbeing and balance.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with how much you have going on at home and at work?

  • Maybe you think you just need to be more organized?

  • Do you think work-life balance is some sort of myth that just isn't attainable?

  • Are you fed up feeling like you have no control in your life?

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How this Program will help you:

  • Move beyond the idea that work-life balance is something to be achieved, but rather a way to prioritize areas of your life.

  • Identify internal and external expectations that are unrealistic or causing unneeded stress in your daily life.

  • Learn to set and keep boundaries, and when to be flexible - according to your own needs and priorities.

  • Create an action plan to start making changes that will help you feel collected and in control of your life.

It’s easy to take part!

  • The program takes place in a private Facebook group. (If you prefer not to take part in the group, other arrangement can be made).

  • Each day a new video or worksheet is loaded into the group with the daily task.

  • I will be in the group each day to answer any questions you may have.

  • Every Wednesday I will go LIVE in Facebook for a weekly Q&A session.

  • Remember - everyone else in the group is looking to find more balance in their life too, so it’s a great chance to network!

Feedback from the Work-Life Balance Challenge:

What you get with the program:

  • Lifetime access: You can participate in the program anytime I run it, over and over again

  • Get access to all changes and improvements

  • Have a say in how I continue to develop the program

Program Schedule

Week 1: Your definition: Current vs. what you want to create.
Week 2: Expectations: Internal, external , which ones to keep and which ones to throw out!
Week 3: Be in the moment: Setting boundaries.
Week 4: Take Action: Create and implement a plan!

Registration is closed

The next program will run in Fall 2019

More Feedback from the Challenge: